Jeffrey's World :: The Empire of Ice Cream by Jeffrey Ford
The Empire of Ice Cream: A Short Story Collection
Trade Paperback
Included Stories:
• 1 The Annals of Eelin-Ok [Podcast]
• 2 Jupiter's Skull 
• 3 A Night In The Tropics (Online Story)
• 4 The Empire of Ice Cream (Online Story)
• 5 The Beautiful Gelreesh 
• 6 Boatman's Holiday 
• 7 Botch Town 
• 8 A Man of Light (Online Story)
• 9 The Green Word 
• 10 Giant Land (Online Story)
• 11 Coffins on the River 
• 12 Summer Afternoon 
• 13 The Weight of Words 
• 14 The Trentino Kid 

A faerie Twilmish chronicles his brief yet adventurous life in a sand castle, during those few hours between the outgoing and incoming tide, in "The Annals of Eelin-Ok." Through a complex formula we can calculate "The Weight of Words," and thus determine their subliminal, and surreptitious, affect on the reader. In "A Night in the Tropics," we learn of a possibly demonic chess set, originally crafted in 1533 by Italian goldsmith Dario Foresso, in a New Jersey bar called The Tropics. And in "Boatman's Holiday," Charon, the boatman of Hell, takes a hiatus from his horrific day job to embark on a rather memorable vacation.

Also included is a new, previously unpublished novella (nearly 40,000 words), entitled "Botch Town," in which a young boy from Long Island comes of age in a town peopled by family and neighbors, each trying to live a life, amidst both a real and a perceived menace. Jeffery Ford can take the mundane, the everyday, and, with the skill of an adept, mold these into brilliantly realized visions, wondrous yet elusive.

Ford also contributes mini Afterwords detailing each story's genesis — some of these author's notes becoming stories unto themselves.

Cover art by John Picacio.