Jeffrey's World :: The Physiognomy by Jeffrey Ford
The Physiognomy: A Well-Built City Novel, Book 1
Trade Paperback
• A New York Times Notable Book of the Year (1997)

Physiognomist First Class Cley has beheld the destruction of Master Drachton Below's Well-Built City and is now a simple healer in a happy village of the survivors, seeking peace and atonement. Below's great evil, however, still exists, as he did not die when he destroyed the Well-Built City. He unleashes a deadly sleeping sickness on Cley's village, and Cley undertakes the dangerous return trip to the ruins of the City beset by mechanical birds and all-too-real werewolves, to confront Below and seek an antidote. But an accidental exposure to the chemical has placed Below in a coma, and all Cley finds is Below's adopted demon son and wreckage of Below's laboratory. Cley must venture into the mind and memories of Below, in his intricate palace of memories. There, Cley encounters wonders and dangers undreamed of, and, ironically, finds love and affection. But will he be able find the antidote to the sleeping sickness and return to the real world before Below dies?

The cover art is the middle panel of award-winning John Picacio's triptych of the Well-Built City trilogy.